Dental Bench Test Preparation – How can eLearning help achieve your goals?

All students who wish to pursue for Licensing to practice Dentistry in USA will need to go through a set of written exams as well as a Bench Test Exam. Bench Exam is conducted by the Universities to access the ability of the students to perform certain procedures. This is because, as a foreign trained Dentist, you are only required to study for 2 Years and not all 4 years. Students have to be prepared to face a tough competition among their peers as over the years, more and more students are aspiring to pursue as a Dentist in USA.

There are many Universities, which offer Advanced Standing Program for the foreign trained Dentists. They say Practice makes Perfect, many students practice the procedures per USA standards in their home lab. To practice successfully in their home lab, they need the following.

  • Good set of tools and equipments
  • A Knowledgeable mentor to Critique their work
  • A standard curriculum based preparation

This is why we created our eLearning application. Once you have enrolled in our eLearning portal, you will have access to all our hands on training videos on most of the important procedures along with techniques. These videos have been prepared specifically keeping foreign trained dentists in mind. Kindly remember that these are not just the Videos, but a full suite of Learning Management System. By this what we mean is, this system will support the following.

  • All Video based education
  • Work Assignments for each procedure with Critique guarantee within 24-48 hours
  • Weekly group chat sessions
  • Students only forum for each of the procedures
  • Additional materials and External links for the procedures
  • Student feedback model

All the eLearning module for 2, 4 and 7-Day programs are listed as half price when compared to our On-Site training program. Also students will have the flexibility to apply 50% of the online fees as a credit towards their onsite program, in case they change their mind in the future, and decide to attend the On-Site program.

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