Frequently Asked Questions

What are the materials included in your 2 day and 4 day curriculum?

Everything required for the training is provided as rental including Kilgore typodont, Kilgore additional teeth, handpiece , burs, hand instruments, filling materials etc.

Can I take the materials home to practice?

No. The materials have to be returned after the classes are completed. You can purchase burs and hand instruments from our website.

On what typodont do we practice during the class?

We use Kilgore typodont for all the preparations and restorations.

Do I have to bring anything from my end?

Scrubs, loupes if you have, bring them with you for the training.

How much of hands-on practice do we get each in your 2 day and 4 day curriculum? Is it only a demonstration?

The day begins with a demo of the procedures which could last for 2-3 hours. The remaining time is practice session which could be anywhere from 5-6 hours each day.

What is the cost of the course?

Please click on this link to learn about the Program fees.

Can I pay the course fees in installments?

Unfortunately we do not offer payments to be done in installments.

Are there any additional expenses during this course that I should be aware of?

If any instrument is broken/damaged when in a student’s custody, we will be charging you for a replacement from $35 to $400 depending on the instrument.

What are the timings for the course?

Depending on the course and the day the timings vary slightly. For 2 and 4 days the timings will be 10.00 am – 6.00 pm . During the 6 days course the Saturday timing will be 9 am to 4 pm.

Will I be practicing on any teeth? If yes, do I need to bring anything myself or no?

Yes! You will be provided with Kilgore typodont and teeth. We give extra teeth for practice for free (maximum 5 teeth/day). If we notice an unusual or irresponsible use or wasting of teeth (more than 6-7 teeth per day), you will be required to purchase them from us at an additional cost ($3.50/tooth).

Will the instructor sit with me when I am preparing the tooth?

The instructor will do a demo of each prep on individual teeth and will give assignments to practice and show the work everyday. We expect and allow the students to work on their own and not “baby sit”. Once an assignment (for ex Class II on #3-MO) is completed, it is the student responsibility to show the work to the instructor and get critiqued on the spot for their work. By this way we are able to identify and correct the mistakes at a very initial stage and improve. This also increases the confidence level in the student to do independent work.

As a student what is expected from me?

We consider all the student doctors to be a beginner, even if they have 10 years experience. You come here to learn the ideal way of doing dental work, hence everybody is considered a beginner! We do not judge any student by their hand skills.

We do expect you to follow some simple rules:

1. Respect and help each other, your peer students

2. Respect our office staff and our facility

3. Use the instruments and handpiece with care

4. Do not waste materials because we don’t charge Separate “Rental fees” or ask you to “buy additional teeth ” like other institutions

5. Follow all the instructions given by the instructor and the office staff.

6. Do not yell/ shout/argue rudely/ or behave inappropriately with the instructor, office staff or other peer students – We WILL ask you to leave the facility immediately and will not get a refund or access to videos or any kind of support.

As a student what can I expect from your program?

The instructor Dr.Shalini Thasma is a foreign graduate, just like you. She has come across all the hurdles similar to yours.  We understand the importance of you taking a bench test preparatory program. We do know that it is an important part in your college admission process. We will do our best to teach you the ideal preps, techniques to solve the difficulties you have, give you emotional support and encourage you. We have helped many students secure a spot in their dream college. We give 1 year of FREE support upon completion of any of our onsite program and FREE access to all the videos for 1 year.

I am requesting information about the materials and procedures offered in the 4-day onsite course? Are all the materials provided as a part of the course?

All the materials for practice are provided. The procedures covered during each course is in detail in the website. Please browse through the individual course pages.

Just want to know if your bench test prep is designed for a specific college or generalized?

Our courses are not designed for any specific university or program. We teach what is mostly asked in the bench exams by all the Universities. We have many students who have successfully cleared the bench exams and secured an admission in a University. Please read the testimonials provided by our students.

Do you recommend me to take bench test course after I get an interview or before?

There are universities that send interview invite that will be just 2-3 weeks away from the exam date. This short duration is not enough to learn an ideal prep. It is always a best practice to start practicing as early as possible and not wait for an interview call.

I was looking to attend your 2-day bench test preparation course. I see that it does not cover few demos on comparison with a 4-day or 6-day package. Would there be any quick review on those demos in the 2-day schedule or would you recommend me taking a 4-day course?

We will NOT cover any procedures other than the ones in the curriculum for the respective courses. If you want to learn the topics in a 4 days course you need to enroll in the 4 days course.

For the WREB training class, will I be able to take xrays?

The endo teeth provided is Kilgore endodontic teeth. You will not be able to take xrays and will be mounted on Kilgore typodont.

I was trying to access videos. Can you please guide me through the steps in order to access them? 

Access to the elearning portal will be given ONLY after completing an Onsite course OR if you enrolled in the elearning course specifically.

Below are the steps:

Go to “elearning”–> click “login”–> enter username and password (create new password by clicking “forgot password”, if doing it for the first time) –> scroll down the page to see video links.

Each video will have a button “upload images”. You can upload pictures of your prep there which will be evaluated by Dr. Shalini Thasma and feedback will be provided in the portal. This support will be available upto 1 year from your course date.

Where are you located?

We are located at 4617 Coit Road, Frisco 75035, suburb of Dallas Fort-Worth, TEXAS.

What is the closest airport?

DFW International Airport and Dallas Lovefield airport serve Frisco. Both the airports are 30 – 40 mins from the office. 

Do you provide accommodation?

No. There are many options around the office like Wingate by Wyndham Frisco, Spring Hill Suites, Comfort Inn Suites, Fairfield Inn, Airbnb etc. We do not personally arrange or provide any accommodation. Commute and stay is individual responsibility.

I would like to know, if one on one attention is provided if needed?

The total class size is 6 students. As the size is very small we provide complete one on one attention to each student. It helps us to identify your difficulty and then help you fix the problem.

Will there be other students in the class?

Yes. Maximum capacity is only 6. 

Can I practice only PFM crowns because my exam is on this ?

We will teach all the topics included in the course curriculum and we expect and encourage the students to practice all the procedures. We will not allow students to practice on one type of prep on same tooth over and over again.  We will charge you $3/tooth after 5 preps on the same tooth regardless of the course duration. Other option is bring your own teeth if you want to practice only one prep on same tooth repeatedly.

Can you teach me only full metal crown and class II and customize for this university?

We DO NOT customize classes to individual needs. The course curriculum is set and will be taught accordingly.

Are there any school specific guidelines in the training based on interview calls received or applications made?

No we do not change the curriculum based on your interview calls or applications. We teach and train you on the ideal preparation and will then guide you or provide you with tips on changing to the university requirements.

Can you hold a spot for me?

Admission to the course is on a first come first serve basis. We cannot hold a spot for you just because you called and discussed or gave verbal commitment over the phone. Admission is secured ONLY by paying the course registration fees.

How do I pay the course fees?

Click on the “SHOP” tab and select the payment for the course you are enrolling. For example, if you are enrolling for the 2 days course and want to pay ,

  1. Go to the “Shop”
  2. select “2 days bench test preparatory On-site Program – ADD TO CART”
  3. Click “View Cart”
  4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  5. Enter your “Billing details”
  6. Enter your selected course dates in the “Additional Information”. There is NO dropdown menu options for date selection
  7. Click “proceed to PayPal”
  8. Complete your transaction

Will I get any certificates?

You will receive a Certificate of Training from Benchtestprep with the course dates.

Will you provide us with any support after I finish the course or do I have to pay for any support?

After you complete an onsite course with us, you will have the following at no additional cost to you:

  1. One year of FREE access to elearning portal (value of $1000). The elearning portal has 20 videos of various cavity and crown preparations.
  2. Upload for FREE your own preparations in the elearning portal for evaluation by Dr.Shalini Thasma.
  3. One year of FREE support and evaluation of your preparations by Dr.Shalini Thasma

How long will my access to e-learning portal be active?

Students enrolled in an onsite program will get one year Free Access to the elearning portal. The access begins after the completion of the onsite program and ends after one year OR after securing an admission into an University or after clearing WREB board exams, whichever comes FIRST.

Your access will be terminated immediately if we suspect that you share your login details with your friends or other colleagues or any other misuse has been identified.

I have Columbia Typodont. Can I bring that to practice? Do you have columbia teeth to purchase?

You can bring your own typodont to practice but we do not carry any teeth other than Kilgore. Hence you need to purchase and bring your own Columbia teeth.

Can I purchase burs/ teeth or instruments from you?

Yes you can buy burs, teeth, hand instruments from us at additional cost. Visit the shop section.

What is you address?

Our office address is Coit Dental, 4617 Coit Road, Ste 110, Frisco, TX 75035. Our phone number is 214-387-8400.

Email is