2 Day Course Curriculum

2 day bench test preparatory course at Benchtestprep course helps dentists prepare and practice for their bench test exams conducted in the Universities during admission process of foreign dental graduates. This course is not for WREB or any other regional licensure exam candidates. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us after checking the FAQ section.

CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING will be given after the onsite course is completed.

Course Details:

The course is conducted for two days in Frisco, TX by Dr. Shalini Thasma DDS who is a foreign graduate from NYU College of Dentistry.

The course is conducted on the following Weekends on first come first serve basis. You need to coordinate the dates with office by either emailing at shalini.thasma@benchtestprep.com or calling 214-387-8400. Weekend dates are FIXED.

All the materials for the doctors to practice is provided including lunch.

Dates for 2022:

No classes for the rest of 2022. Check the available dates for 4 days and 6 days session in their respective pages.

Bench Test Preparatory COURSE DETAILS


First day of the course, the following topics will be covered :

  • Full cast crown preparation of Maxillary molar
  • Full cast crown preparation of Mandibular molar
  • PFM crown preparation of Maxillary molars and Premolar
  • PFM crown preparation of Mandibular molar 
  • Full porcelain crown preparation of maxillary Central incisor
  • Full porcelain crown preparation of maxillary Canine
  • Practice sessions


Second day of the course, the following topics will be covered.

  • Class II amalgam preparation on Maxillary Premolar and molar
  • Class II Amalgam preparation on Mandibular Premolar and molar
  • Class III Preparation on Maxillary central incisor
  • Class V preparation on Maxillary Premolar
  • Practice sessions