7 Day Course Curriculum

7 day Bench Test Preparatory course at Benchtestprep course helps dentists prepare and practice for their bench test exams conducted in the Universities during admission process of foreign dental graduates. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Course Details:

The course is conducted for 7 days in Plano,TX by Dr. Shalini Thasma DDS who is a foreign graduate from NYU College of Dentistry.

The course is conducted  for 1 full week, 1 time per month. All the materials for the doctors to practice is provided including lunch.

Registration is OPEN. Please call our office 214-387-8400 or email shalini.thasma@benchtestprep.com to co-ordinate the dates for registering in the course on a first come first serve basis.

Course schedule

Day 1

Full cast crown Maxillary Molar
Full Cast crown Mandibular Molar
PFM Crown Maxillary Premolar
PFM Crown Mandibular Premolar
Provisional Crown Restoration
Practice sessions

Day 2

Full Porcelain crown Maxillary Central Incisor
Full Porcelain crown Maxillary Canine
Full Porcelain crown Mandibular Canine
Provisional Crown restoration
Practice sessions

Day 3

Class II Amalgam preparation
Amalgam restoration
Class III Preparation
Practice sessions

Day 4

Class II Composite preparation
Class II Composite restoration
Class V preparation
Practice sessions

Day 5

Endodontic Access preparation on a Central Incisor
Endodontic Access preparation on a Maxillary Molar
Endodontic Access preparation on Mandibular molar
Instrumentation and Obturation
Rubber Dam Placement
Practice sessions

Day 6

RPD Designs
Practice sessions

Day 7

Practice sessions