WREB – 6 DAYS Advance Payment



WREB Training is conducted for 4  and 6 days. We will cover the Prosthodontic, Operative and Endodontic portion of the WREB exam. The difference between 4 and 6 days is that the students will get 2 full days of hands on practice under direct supervision of Dr.Shalini Thasma.

A Class II must be completed to pass the WREB exam:
• Direct Posterior Class II Composite Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
A second procedure, if required, may be any of the following:
• Direct Posterior Class II Composite Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
• Direct Posterior Class II Amalgam Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
• A Direct Anterior Class III Composite Restoration (ML, DL, MF, DF)

Endodontics is a required section and will be completed on simulated teeth. Universal precautions and a rubber dam are required for all Endodontic treatment. Required Endodontic procedures:
• Anterior–Graded on Access and Condensation
• Posterior– Graded on Access only

The Prosthodontics section is an optional section. Candidates can choose to opt into the Prosthodontic Section during registration if the state to which they are applying for initial licensure requires this procedure.

The Prosthodontic Section consists of simulated preparation of two abutments (#3 FGC and #5 PFM) to support a posterior three-unit fixed partial denture prosthesis and preparation of an anterior tooth (#8) for a full-coverage ceramic crown.