Our WREB Training is conducted for 4 days and 6 days. This course is ONLY for candidates who have enrolled for the WREB exam.

The Western Regional Examining Board (WREB) WREB is one of five examination agencies for dentists and dental hygienists in the United States. The WREB Dental exam consists of the following required sections: Operative, Endodontics, and Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP).

The Restorative Section of  WREB/ ADEX/CDCA  https://www.cdcaexams.org/dental-exams/ is required section that is performed either on a patient or on a manikin. The Candidate may complete up to two procedures to demonstrate competence on the Operative Section.

A Class II must be completed to pass the WREB exam:
• Direct Posterior Class II Composite Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
A second procedure, if required, may be any of the following:
• Direct Posterior Class II Composite Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
• Direct Posterior Class II Amalgam Restoration (MO, DO or MOD)
• A Direct Anterior Class III Composite Restoration (ML, DL, MF, DF)

Endodontics is a required section and will be completed on simulated teeth. Universal precautions and a rubber dam are required for all Endodontic treatment. Required Endodontic procedures:
• Anterior–Graded on Access and Condensation
• Posterior– Graded on Access only

The Prosthodontics section is an optional section. Candidates can choose to opt into the Prosthodontic Section during registration if the state to which they are applying for initial licensure requires this procedure.

The Prosthodontic Section consists of simulated preparation of two abutments (#3 FGC and #5 PFM) to support a posterior three-unit fixed partial denture prosthesis and preparation of an anterior tooth (#8/9) for a full-coverage ceramic crown.

For more information on WREB please check their site https://wreb.org/dental-candidates/

Course Details:
The course is conducted for 4 days (Monday thru Thursday) in Frisco, TX by Dr. Shalini Thasma DDS who is a foreign graduate from NYU College of Dentistry.

The cost of the course is $2300, for 4 days. If you want to practice more under direct supervision you can enroll for the 6 days course (cost $3500), where the last 2 days will be complete practice sessions.

All the materials for the doctors to practice is provided including Lunch. Kilgore Typodont and Kilgore endodontic teeth will be provided for practice.

Registration is OPEN, based on first come first serve basis. Please call the office at 214-387-8400 or email shalini.thasma@benchtestprep.com to co-ordinate the dates for the course.

4 Days Dates for 2022:

Oct 10 – Oct 13 – full

Oct 31 – Nov 3 – 2 spots open

The next batch of classes will begin in Jan 2023.

6 days:

Oct 31 – Nov 5 – 2 spots open

The next batch of classes will begin in Jan 2023.

Course schedule:

Day 1
Full cast crown Maxillary Molar
PFM Crown Maxillary Premolar
Practice sessions

Day 2
Full Porcelain crown Maxillary Central Incisor
Practice sessions

Day 3
Class II cavity preparation
Amalgam/Composite restoration
Class III cavity Preparation
Practice sessions

Day 4
Rubber dam placement
Anterior Endodontic Access and Obturation (2 Kilgore endo central incisors will be provided)
Posterior (mandibular molar) Endodontic Access (2 Kilgore endo molars will be provided)
Practice sessions

Day 5 AND Day 6 – Practice session and Test (applies only to students enrolling in 6 days WREB program)