Dental Bench Test Preparation – Where do I stay and Commute for On-Site Course?

We are Conveniently located near a major airport. Our airport code is DFW. We are in the vicinity of Dallas-FortWorth Area in the great state of Texas. These days there are many avenues for stay with the advent of AirBnb kind of companies. When you search, you need to search for Plano, Texas as the location. Our zip code is 75024. To book for your stay, you can consider the following websites.

We have Springhill Suites, Towneplace Suites, Candlewood Suites very close to our office. Currently we do not have any participant special rates, though we may in the future. If you are looking for a relaxing evening where you want to go dine and have some night life or watch a movie, we suggest you to stay near shops at legacy.

For commute between the hotel and the practice, most people prefer taxi services like Uber and Lyft. Optionally, you are also welcome to rent a car from any of the Car companies. There is Avis, Enterprise, Hertz near our office location.

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Bench Test International Dentist – What to Practice?

This is the most common question that we get in our Inbox. So we decided to blog on this so that the info could be of benefit to the aspiring foreign trained Dentists to practice Dentistry in USA.

Our course curriculum has been divided into 2, 4 and 7-day. How did we do this? First we assimilated the most commonly asked procedures by the Universities and dropped them into our 2-day training program bucket. This consists of the following lessons and modules.

  • Introduction to the tools and techniques
  • Introduction to different types of Burs
  • Full cast crown preparation for Maxillary PreMolar
  • Full cast crown preparation for Maxillary Molar
  • Full cast crown to Mandibular Molar
  • PFM crown prep for Maxillary PreMolar
  • PFM crown prep for Maxillary Molar
  • PFM crown prep for Mandibular PreMolar
  • PFM crown prep for Mandibular Molar
  • Full Porcelain Crown Prep for Maxillary Canine
  • Full Porcelain Crown prep for Mandibular Canine
  • Provisional Crown Restoration
  • Class II Amalgam Prep Maxillary PreMolar
  • Class II Amalgam Prep Maxillary Molar
  • Class II Amalgam Prep Mandibular PreMolar
  • Class II Amalgam Prep Mandibular Molar
  • Class III Prep Maxillary Central Incisor
  • Class V prep Maxillary PreMolar
  • Amalgam Restoration
  • Class II Composite Prep
  • Class II Composite Restoration

Universities expect the foreign trained dental graduates to be familiar with the above procedures. You may be asked to perform any of the procedures from the above pool. The above list covers most of the universities. But there are exceptions, as always. A few universities demand more from the graduates. Following are the procedures that you are advised to be familiar, if you really want to maintain a competitive edge and admit no surprises.

  • Endodontic access prep Central Incisor
  • Endodontic access prep Maxillary Molar
  • Endodontic access prep Mandibular Molar
  • Instrumentation and Obturation
  • Rubber Dam Placement
  • RPD Designs

Our course work is intensive and will prepare the students for the Bench Test Exam. We expect all our students to pass the exam with ease. We wish you all a very best of luck!

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Dental Bench Test Preparation – How can eLearning help achieve your goals?

All students who wish to pursue for Licensing to practice Dentistry in USA will need to go through a set of written exams as well as a Bench Test Exam. Bench Exam is conducted by the Universities to access the ability of the students to perform certain procedures. This is because, as a foreign trained Dentist, you are only required to study for 2 Years and not all 4 years. Students have to be prepared to face a tough competition among their peers as over the years, more and more students are aspiring to pursue as a Dentist in USA.

There are many Universities, which offer Advanced Standing Program for the foreign trained Dentists. They say Practice makes Perfect, many students practice the procedures per USA standards in their home lab. To practice successfully in their home lab, they need the following.

  • Good set of tools and equipments
  • A Knowledgeable mentor to Critique their work
  • A standard curriculum based preparation

This is why we created our eLearning application. Once you have enrolled in our eLearning portal, you will have access to all our hands on training videos on most of the important procedures along with techniques. These videos have been prepared specifically keeping foreign trained dentists in mind. Kindly remember that these are not just the Videos, but a full suite of Learning Management System. By this what we mean is, this system will support the following.

  • All Video based education
  • Work Assignments for each procedure with Critique guarantee within 24-48 hours
  • Weekly group chat sessions
  • Students only forum for each of the procedures
  • Additional materials and External links for the procedures
  • Student feedback model

All the eLearning module for 2, 4 and 7-Day programs are listed as half price when compared to our On-Site training program. Also students will have the flexibility to apply 50% of the online fees as a credit towards their onsite program, in case they change their mind in the future, and decide to attend the On-Site program.

Enroll Today with Confidence!

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How many days one Practice to pass the Bench Test?

Many people ask me about how to prepare for the Bench Test. There is really not one answer that would suit all. But the secret is, more you practice…better your hand skills are. Yes, practice makes one perfect. Every college expects candidates to be familiar with certain skills. But there are common procedures that all colleges would test on the candidates.

In this blog, I try to list some of the common questions that candidates have.

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